Transmission Failure!

Well, son of a bitch. I’d been having an issue with third gear for a while, but all of a sudden about a month ago, engaging into first and second seemed to be overly difficult for the car:

I’ve had to shift it around manually for a bit. Now it’s degraded to such a state where I don’t really feel it’s too safe driving it. My technician pointed out he feels the radiator and/or some other transmission cooling related parts may be to blame, and so I’m currently dealing with my insurance company and no less than a few places trying to figure out what went in where and who’s idea it was, and if such components actually caused said problem. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon so we can get the ball rolling. In the mean time, I’m missing work O_O and just generally stuck in Madison. Hopefully I’ll keep up on here and post updates as they make it through.

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