The Replacements

I purchased four used Alpine SPS-600 (6-1/2″ Type-S) 2-way speakers from the local pawn shop. Bought them to replace the factory speakers, since one of the factory ones surround is effectively gone, I decided to replace all of the speakers, just because I’m a little compulsive and need to have things match. Going to use an old Fujitsu-Ten Eclipse 6×9 driver to replace the subwoofer. If the factory speakers are 8-ohm, which I believe they are, I will have to be careful if I’m driving all of them AND the factory subwoofer, since the power supply built into the amplifier only has a 25A fuse on it. 25*12=300. 300W total power consumed is my limit. From what I’ve heard (not measured), the output is about 35W per channel at 8-ohms with the subwoofer at about 70W RMS at 4-ohms. More information about the rest of the system will be available later.Alpines