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Contacted for a Contract

NSX! You know who you are. Someone managed to get my Facebook account blocked up. If you’re still interested in the project, I’m still up for it. The phone number attached to the information you used to find me on Facebook is real. Just shoot a text or leave a voicemail there with some contact […]

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Rear Differential Bushings

For a couple months, I had been dealing with a horrendous clunking noise coming from the rear axle every time I put it into reverse, or if I went to a forward moving gear from reverse. Finally figured out what it was though, the rear differential bushings were completely destroyed. Found a couple of forum […]

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Added “VDC Off” switch and strobe lights

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I would start getting the car ready for winter, since that’s a thing around here. Two things are actually surprisingly useful: stability management systems, like VDC, and some sort of indicator light in case you end up stuck, or more likely with this car, helping someone else who […]

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