Intro to McIntosh PF-2343I

The Subaru OEM McIntosh stereo system is quite complicated, consisting of 11 speaker drivers in 7 separate speakers, a head unit, and outboard amplifier. The system was designed by McIntosh laboratories, but manufactured by Clarion. The build quality still stands up to the McIntosh reputation in my opinion. The head unit does not have an amplifier in it, however, and therefore can’t drive speakers on its own. I have a couple of projects with this, including an AUX input and a universal adapter system so that these can be used with other amplifiers, or in other cars.

Some people may recognize the connector from NZlamb’s blog posts, but this is specifically the US market McIntosh, which is, no doubt, different from the New Zealand and Japanese market units. I plan on doing a lot of inside work with this unit. I’ll let you know what’s up here, and odds are, in the Outback forums at

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