Got the front doors done!

Took me about an hour today, but I got the front door speakers replaced. Learned a bit about it too. This car has to be one of the easiest remove and replace I’ve done in a while. A screw behind a cover most of the way back on the arm rest, one underneath the controls, a clip on the front side of the panel, and a bunch of clips on the back. If you use the tool (or your fingers in a V shape), you can even get it apart without breaking anything! Most of the chunkier speakers out there will take up a little more room than the factory McIntosh’s, so be aware you may have to cut the original bracket, but if you do so, you WILL NOT change the way the OEM speakers mount. I forgot to meter the outputs to see what the amplifier is realistically putting to the speakers, I’ll do that when I get the back door speakers out.Door Panel CompleteAs seen in the image above, you can see the square above and slightly to the right of the light. Pop that out with a small flat-blade and behind it is a screw. The circle most of the way to the top of the door, way in the front between the speakers pops out in a similar fashion. This is just a clip, not hiding a screw. Another screw hides behind the control panel, that’s held in by a couple of metal clips, but beware, the control panel is plastic. Both sides have two wiring harnesses in them. The lock and release lever were the part that got me at first. It’s actually two pieces. The cup, handle, and lock are all one assembly that is fairly tightly fixed to the door itself. There is actually a trim ring around the handle that clips onto the rest, with the ring being the slightly larger piece, so sticking a very small piece of metal between the ring and the cup itself will yield a crack, wiggle it around a bit and you’ll see it free itself. Wiggle some more and then give it a little tug, and it’ll pop right off. Just take the tweeter out (that’s all soft, rubbery clips) to aid in removal, then start putting your hand between the door and the panel to find and pop out the clips securing the rest of the door. Once those are all loose, pull the door up and over the window lip. Once that’s off, the wires to the light can be removed quickly, and you can set aside the panel to show the speakers.CAM00045You can see that the handle is still fixed to the door, as well as the holes for the clips running on the back and bottom of the door. Plan accordingly when popping your clips. The rest is easy. Unscrew the speaker, clip in your new wires either by purchasing adapters, getting adapters with a speaker purchase like you would at Crutchfield, or by making adapters (two male quick connects go into the harness and two females to your new speaker, the connector that runs lengthwise with the plastic clip is positive), and then screw in the new speaker. Take the removal procedure and do it in reverse to get your panel back on. A tip: the rubber seal around the door panel should be pressed into the panel, take a close look and you’ll see how it fits. This will help ensure a good seal not only for sound quality purposes, but for road noises and weather sealing.CAM00044 CAM00046As you can see, fairly painless, especially when you consider how much of a pain in the ass this kind of job usually is. If you have any questions, head to the discussion page and let me know!