Engine Troubles

A few months ago I was having troubles with the engine, mainly misfiring and a check engine light (about 4-6 diagnostic codes could be pulled at any time). After a while, I noticed the car overheating on a regular basis (daily) and eventually I couldn’t keep the temp down. After checking out the cooling system, I noticed that it was consistently losing large amounts of coolant. After some more diagnostics, it was determined that, yes, I had an H6 with bad head gaskets. Some time later after much discussion, it was decided to recondition the existing engine. That repair failed within days. The engine chewed itself apart, literally. We came to an agreement with the service department and a used engine was installed in the car. That seems to be working just fine at this point *crosses fingers*. A quite lengthy discussion or three about the failures can be found at the Subaru Outback forums.

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