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Contacted for a Contract

NSX! You know who you are. Someone managed to get my Facebook account blocked up. If you’re still interested in the project, I’m still up for it. The phone number attached to the information you used to find me on Facebook is real. Just shoot a text or leave a voicemail there with some contact […]

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Transmission Failure!

Well, son of a bitch. I’d been having an issue with third gear for a while, but all of a sudden about a month ago, engaging into first and second seemed to be overly difficult for the car: I’ve had to shift it around manually for a bit. Now it’s degraded to such a state […]

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Focal Access 165 CA1 Speakers

These have replaced my Alpine coaxials, and are quite the speaker. Since installing these, I have felt little need to figure out how to get another subwoofer into the car, as it now seems almost unnecessary. I’ve still got the amplifier channel for it, so if a good one comes along, I won’t turn it […]

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Engine Troubles

A few months ago I was having troubles with the engine, mainly misfiring and a check engine light (about 4-6 diagnostic codes could be pulled at any time). After a while, I noticed the car overheating on a regular basis (daily) and eventually I couldn’t keep the temp down. After checking out the cooling system, […]

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