Speaker Replacement

Focal Access 165 CA1 Speakers

These have replaced my Alpine coaxials, and are quite the speaker. Since installing these, I have felt little need to figure out how to get another subwoofer into the car, as it now seems almost unnecessary. I’ve still got the amplifier channel for it, so if a good one comes along, I won’t turn it […]

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Got the front doors done!

Took me about an hour today, but I got the front door speakers replaced. Learned a bit about it too. This car has to be one of the easiest remove and replace I’ve done in a while. A screw behind a cover most of the way back on the arm rest, one underneath the controls, […]

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The Replacements

I purchased four used Alpine SPS-600 (6-1/2″ Type-S) 2-way speakers from the local pawn shop. Bought them to replace the factory speakers, since one of the factory ones surround is effectively gone, I decided to replace all of the speakers, just because I’m a little compulsive and need to have things match. Going to use […]

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