McIntosh Head Unit

I feel sad that a lot of people must miss out on the McIntosh stereos available in the Subaru VDC’s. Therefore, I am going to design an adapter that will allow people to use the factory McIntosh head units with any vehicle that has or can get a 4-channel amplifier. I also plan on building AUX inputs for the McIntosh units so that people can use their new portable devices with these older cars and not have to switch out head units or anything else that might degrade from the appearance or performance of the McIntosh system. I have another head unit on the way now, and I plan to experiment on that when building this adapter system. I will keep you all posted.

Contacted for a Contract

NSX! You know who you are. Someone managed to get my Facebook account blocked up. If you’re still interested in the project, I’m still up for it. The phone number attached to the information you used to find me on Facebook is real. Just shoot a text or leave a voicemail there with some contact […]

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Universal Amplifier Adapters

I finished the first (and probably final) prototype of the adapter used to adapt a McIntosh head unit with any aftermarket amplifier, or use any aftermarket head unit with the McIntosh amplifier. I still have to test the new head unit into McIntosh amplifier portion, but I have road-tested the McIntosh source into aftermarket amplifier, […]

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Intro to McIntosh PF-2343I

The Subaru OEM McIntosh stereo system is quite complicated, consisting of 11 speaker drivers in 7 separate speakers, a head unit, and outboard amplifier. The system was designed by McIntosh laboratories, but manufactured by Clarion. The build quality still stands up to the McIntosh reputation in my opinion. The head unit does not have an […]

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