Added “VDC Off” switch and strobe lights

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I would start getting the car ready for winter, since that’s a thing around here. Two things are actually surprisingly useful: stability management systems, like VDC, and some sort of indicator light in case you end up stuck, or more likely with this car, helping someone else who did get stuck, that can show people you’re stopped on the side of the road.

The VDC off switch I put in is more for fun than anything else. I don’t really like cars that help drive themselves,  so I usually leave the system off. If I find myself in a situation where I could use VDC, it would be great to turn it back on at a moments notice. Now I can. The switch is simply wired to the fuse-holder that would typically be used to disable the system from under the hood. The wires are then run inside to a switch I can use, right next to the gear knob. Just flick the switch and the system responds with either a light that reads “VDC Off” or by turning said light off. The VDC system disables or enables accordingly. Note: 2001 was the only year of the VDC that did not come with a switch like this from the factory.


Lights were just as simple, running wires, switches, and the lights to the appropriate places. Another switch was installed near the gear knob, this one with a protective cover over it so I don’t accidentally turn on these lights. That could be bad if I’m in traffic or something similar.

The entire project encompassing both of these installs took about 4 hours, including running down the street to the hardware store a couple of times for installation accessories.

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