This page whole site is fairly outdated, but I look forward to updating it in a few weeks once I’ve got more time.

I’ve now owned this car for around 3 and a half years now, and it’s still a phenomenal machine, discounting my terrible luck with a few things. I’ve had a bit done to it, been in two crashes with it (whoops, sorry guys), and have replaced every bit of stereo gear that was in it. That was hard to do and keep the quality that came with the car. A couple of the projects I finished I’ve posted and updated here, so feel free to keep digging around. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note in the Subaru Outback forumsĀ HERE.

I was lucky enough to find my VDC from a small local dealer here in Madison for about $5,600 before taxes and fees. It’s one of maybe three or four I’ve seen in the city. It had roughly 113k miles on it, and just immaculate. Under the hood, everything shines, even the hoses. The paint and clear coat are still in really good shape, a few scratches notwithstanding. The interior was flawless, except for a faint rattle in one of the speakers (probably a bad surround, the car is quite old in terms of those materials). The wheels have some damage on them, but this is Wisconsin, we have to face it, something is wrong if your wheels are perfect.

This thing is absolute gobs of fun to drive, it sticks to the road quite unlike anything I’ve ever driven before, all the while with a ride so smooth I don’t feel most of the small bumps and cracks that are ever-present around here. The road noise is almost non-existent, and even at highway speeds, you only get wind noise from the way the windows seal against the body as opposed to sealed in the frame.

When my grandmother first rode in the car, she actually started laughing the minute she started pressing buttons. It was to all of us, the most impressive vehicle we’ve ever found.

I’ve got quite a few projects lined up for this car. I’ll keep updates posted when I can.